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"Mrs. Short and Mrs. Wolfe are the dynamic duo of East Pointe Elementary. They are pushing education to its limits by setting growth goals for students and teachers making every moment count! We appreciate their passion for students and hope they know we appreciate their hard work and leadership!"  
Charity McCann - 4th grade teacher
Myers - Media Specialist

"I think they are great principals because they are hardworking moms and principals who know how to make East Pointe safe, happy, and lots of fun!" 
Cash Wagner - 4th grade student 

"I really love how Mrs. Short and Mrs. Wolfe are easy to talk to.  They are always willing to listen and help when called upon.  They are friendly and encouraging whenever I see them.  I can always count on them to be on time and respectful.  They have the teachers back and will support in any way they can.
I want them to know that they are appreciated.  Especially during these last couple of years that have been crazy.  I'm so glad I have principals that believe in every student, teacher and staff member!!!!"
James Perry - 3rd Grade Teacher