• School Choice

Under the Public School Choice Act of 2015, the Arkansas Department of Education has established a public school choice program to enable a student to attend a school in a non-resident district subject to the requirements listed under the Ark. Code Ann. 6-18-1906.  (or subject to the requirements listed by the Arkansas Department of Education.)

Complete the Application for School Choice

  •  Submit the completed form to the non-resident district by May 1st of the calendar year in which the student seeks to begin the fall semester at the non-resident district.
  • Applications must be received or postmarked by May 1st.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection will be mailed to the parent/guardian and resident district by July 1st.

Once a student has been approved for school choice in the non-resident district, it is not necessary to reapply every year.  As long as the student has not broken enrollment with the non-resident district they may complete all remaining years in the district.  If they break enrollment, they will need to reapply for school choice to return in the future to the non-resident district.

  • Legal Transfers (board to board transfers)

In special circumstances, it may become necessary for a family to apply for a board transfer to attend Greenwood Schools.  Particularly, if the school choice deadline has passed and is not an option.  If a family wants to appeal to their home district for a release and transfer they must fill out the appropriate form and submit it to their home district for board action.  Once the home district has approved the release, the non-resident district Board of Education will consider the request during the regularly scheduled board meeting.

For questions regarding board transfers, please contact suzy.wilson@greenwoodk12.com ( K-6th grade students) and kevin.hesslen@greenwoodk12.com ( 7th-12th grade students).

The Greenwood School District shall review and accept or reject requests for transfers, both into and out of the district, on a case-by-case basis at the regularly scheduled board meetings.

  •  Attendance Area Transfer (K-4th)

If a parent/guardian of a K-4th grade student would like to request a change in school placement, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Application for Attendance Area Transfer completed, must be returned by July 15th of the calendar year for the fall semester student is applying to attend.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Director of PK-6 Education and notifications will be made by email by the first week of August.
  • Applications will be grated on a "first come, first serve basis" as long as space is available.
  • Once a student has been approved for the attendance area transfer they will remain at that school unless the parent fills out a request to return to their original geographic attendance zone.

Greenwood Public Schools reserves the right to reverse a prior transfer request decision due to space restrictions within each school.  Every effort will be made to prevent student movement from one school to another.  In the event that a change in placement is necessary, you will be notified by phone prior to the first day of school.