1211 RE Wells Drive

Greenwood, AR 72936



District: Greenwood

Grade Level: 5, 6

Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator: Jessica Bull

Title I: Targeted Assistance

No. Percent of Free/Reduced Lunch: 32%


How can parents be involved in the planning, review, and improvement of parent and family engagement programs.

The committee will use feedback from parent surveys to effectively accommodate all students' needs at East Hills Middle. All feedback is valued and useful in creating a positive learning environment for our students. The committee will meet twice a year to review policies and make adjustments according to this feedback.


In October, the school will conduct the Annual Title I meeting to disseminate information and distribute copies of the revised policy. All documents including sign in sheets, agenda, and minutes can be accessed in the office of our school.


East Hills Middle School's Parent and Family Engagement Plan is located in the school's office and on the school website. The Parent Facilitator is Jessica Bull, (479)996-0504.

Information packets will be distributed at the beginning of the school year or electronically which include information on how to get involved, volunteer work, schoolwide events, student activities, communication options, contact information, and school policies.

The school will create and maintain a website to house classroom websites for each teacher. Homework assignments and pertinent classroom information will be available on classroom websites. Also, parents and family can access their child's grades using Home Access Center (6th grade parents) or Mastery Connect (5th grade parents). Personal access information will be communicated at the beginning of the year. Parents and family may use email to communicate with members of the school staff.

The school will provide parents and family with progress reports/report cards at mid-quarter and end of 9 weeks with information regarding their child's academic progress and upcoming classroom and school events.

Parent surveys will be distributed electronically at Student-led conferences. This feedback will be reviewed at our committee meetings and school accommodations will be made accordingly.

The teachers and the school will utilize parent emails and/or other social media to notify parents and family of upcoming school events.

School-Parent Compact

School staff, parents, and students will develop a school-parent-student compact. This compact will outline how parents, school, and students share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state's high academic standards. All stakeholders will sign the compact.


The school will conduct an Annual Title I Meeting for parents of the students who participate in the Title I, Part A Program.

The school will hold their annual Title I meeting separate from any other meetings or activities to ensure that they have ample time to provide a description/explanation of school curriculum, information on forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress and information on proficiency level students are expected to meet.

For each Title I, Part A School, an Annual Title I Meeting must be conducted. The agenda, the sign-in sheet and the minutes for this meeting is kept on file in the school's office.


East Hills Middle School will encourage parents and family in the following types of roles and activities to increase their support for student learning. Many of our events will be postponed to the Spring or have a virtual option:

  • Student-Led conferences (Fall -10/21/2021, Spring -2/17/2022)

  • Book Fair- TBD

  • Classroom/School helpers- Starting date TBD

  • Classroom presentations

  • Field Day volunteers- TBD

  • Family curriculum night- TBD

  • Parent and family education workshops (district wide)

  • Virtual Open house/Orientation (5th grade - 8/2/2021, 6th grade -8/3/2021)

  • Parent-school organization

  • Parent and Family Engagement committee- virtual meeting through Zoom

  • Partnering with area businesses


The school will provide a list of volunteer opportunities and solicit ideas for other types of volunteer efforts during orientation of parents and family as well as post information to our school website. Teachers will explain the requirements to parents and family and encourage them to become involved in the school. Brief training sessions will provide parents and community members with the information they need to participate as school volunteers in order to put them at ease and make the experience pleasant and successful.

The school will ask parents to fill out a parent interest survey at the first student led conference to get information from parents concerning the activities they feel will be most beneficial in the efforts to support their child academically.

The school will use the results of the parent interest survey to plan the parental involvement activities for the upcoming year.

The school will evaluate the activities that were suggested by the parents at the end of the year as part of the annual parental involvement plan evaluation.

Report to the public presented at the school board meeting and posted on the school website. Student handbooks are handed out at the beginning of the year that contains valuable information for parents and family.

Building Capacity of School Staff

The State Board of Education Standards for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools and School Districts shall require no fewer than two (2) hours of professional development for teachers designed to enhance the understanding of effective parental involvement strategies. No fewer than three (3) hours of professional development for administrators designed to enhance the understanding of effective parent involvement strategies and the importance of administrative leadership in setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to parental participation. (This is on a rotation per state law).