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Greenwood Performing Arts Center 

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PAC Season Coordinator

♦ Bruce.Linam@greenwoodk12.com

Technical Director

Guest-Reddick Architects and Beshears Construction, Inc. under the approval of the Greenwood Public Schools Board of Education and Kay Johnson, Ed.D, Superintendent, completed the construction of the Greenwood Performing Arts Center (PAC) in 2004.

Since 2004, many students and alumni have performed on this 20’ x 50’ stage in front of audiences from surrounding areas. Professional shows, such as Ricky Skaggs, Gene Watson, Buckets and Boards, Mr. Blue Shoes, Matt Maher, Jimmy Miller, etc. have also entertained at this venue that is equipped with sound and lighting. This Performing Arts Center seats 1287 audience members and was built on the site of Arl McConnell's Greenwood home.

Mr. McConnell was an example and mentor for forty years as a student, athlete, coach, and principal. He graduated from Greenwood High School at mid-term in 1930 and enrolled at Hendrix College where he earned a degree in chemistry and mathematics in 1934. That same year his Greenwood alma mater hired him as a teacher and coach. He taught at Greenwood until the beginning of World War II when he left his career in education to work at Maumelle Ordnance Works. After the war, he earned his Master's Degree in Administration from the University of Arkansas and worked in area schools as a teacher, coach, and principal. He eventually returned to Greenwood in 1953 as high school principal and athletic director, a position he held until his retirement in 1974. Exhibiting fairness and respect for every individual student, Mr. McConnell encouraged generations of young people to maximize their potential in all aspects of life. He is remembered for his service and love for Greenwood Schools and this Performing Arts Center is dedicated to his memory.

Performing Arts Center Community Council (PACCC)

Suzy Wilson, Assistant Superintendent

Malynda Sayers, Season of Entertainment Coordinator

JoElla Skaggs, Greenwood Education Foundation

Tom McCone, Chair

Christy Clark, Co-Chair

Leigh Ellon Leonard, Secretary

Elliott Brown

Joicie Gilbreath

Katie Holland

Mark Huneycutt

Bruce Linam

Jim Reynolds

JoElla Skaggs

Fine Arts Council of Educators (F.A.C.E.)

Suzy Wilson, Assistant Superintendent

Malynda Sayers, Season of Entertainment Coordinator

JoElla Skaggs, Greenwood Education Foundation

Leigh Ellon Leonard

Bruce Linam

Karen Murphy

Tim Peerbolte

Leslie Peresta

Joel Sillavan

PAC Friends


Arvest Bank

Bishop Family Dentistry

Calvert McBride


Diversified Computer Resources

Farmers Bank

Greenwood A&P Commission

Greenwood Education Foundation

Greenwood School District

Johnson Dermatology

Leslie Peresta

Preschool Extraordinaire

Michael and Malynda Sayers

Renee Tedford with Sagely and Edwards Realtors



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