Identification of Gifted Students

ADE Standard 7.00

7.0 The process of identifying students has several stages.

Nominations are sought from a variety of sources ( teachers, parents, community, peers, self-nomination) to ensure that all potentially gifted and talented students have an opportunity to be considered.

7.01 Identification procedures are clearly stated, uniformly implemented, and communicated to the entire school staff.

7.02 A committee of five members chaired by a certified GT specialist/coordinator (including administrator, counselor, teachers) shall analyze data and made professional decisions on placement of students in the fall and throughout the year (on-going).

7.03 The identification process yields information obtained through a variety of procedures and from multiple sources.

Information about students is obtained from at least two objective assessment methods and at least two subjective assessment methods.

Information is obtained from multiple sources: teachers, parents, community members, peers, and student's themselves

7.04 Student placement decisions are based on multiple criteria. no single criterion is used to include or exclude a student.

7.05 Procedures used in the identification process are non-discriminatory with respect to race, economic background, religion, national origin, sex, or handicapping condition.

7.06 Instructional useful information about individual students obtained during the identification process is communicated to the appropriate members of the instructional staff regardless of the placement of the student.

7.07 Placement includes parental involvement.

Parents grant written permission to test and are informed of the criteria for GT program placement (by letter or email).Parents give written permission for student to participate.Parents may appeal a placement with which they disagree. The Placement Committee must reconvene after the appeal, and further testing may be recommended.

7.08 Identification of gifted and talented students is an on-going process extending from school entry through grade twelve.

Opportunities are provided for students to be considered for placement in the gifted and talented programs throughout their K-12 school experience (K-2 Whole Group, Resource Room, Honors, Accelerated classes, Pre-AP, AP, Concurrent Enrollment)

A review of students' placement in the gifted and talented program is made annually. This annual review is kept in the student's file.