Teacher Grant Awards

The Greenwood Education Foundation accepts gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. A portion of this money is used each year to improve teaching and learning in the Greenwood School District.

In granting the awards, the Foundation Board of Directors is favorable toward applications that include activities and projects "above and beyond" what is already happening in the classroom. The purpose of the grants is to encourage teachers to be creative and innovative in their teaching so the student learning will be enhanced beyond what is funded through the annual budget of the school system.

The Foundation will consider proposals that impact the greatest number of students, involve collaboration among teachers/disciplines and promise the greatest results for our students. Proposals should have educational value and enhance the current curriculum and have approval by the applicant(s)' principal.

With regard to teacher scholarships, favorable consideration will be given to teachers who aim to advance their skills and qualifications to improve performance and effectiveness in their current position and to have a defined impact in the classroom.

Basic Guidelines

1. Recipient must be a certified staff member of the Greenwood School District.

2. A brief summary proposal explaining the desired outcomes of the grant including students affected, disciplines(s), and teachers involved in the project.

3. A budget sheet showing the proposed expenditures.

4. A timeline.

5. A post-evaluation report will be required.