Reading Intervention

The Greenwood School District has implemented the SONDAY System 1 and 2 to be administered to students who exhibit the characteristics of dyslexia. The goal is to provide a multi sensory approach to learning through additional instruction that is administered sequentially and with fidelity.

SONDAY System 1 reading therapy teaches the following skills: phonics using vowels, vowel pairs, and blends; spelling practice throughout basic lessons; rules for language structure; reading fluency; handwriting; vocabulary; comprehension; and independent practice.

SONDAY System 2 reading therapy provides instruction in the continuation and review of SONDAY System 1; syllable types and syllable division; Greek, Latin, and Anglo Saxon prefixes, suffixes, and roots; spelling practice throughout lessons; building reading skills for longer passages; and independent practice with companion workbooks.

The reading intervention is provided by a certified dyslexia therapist, Mrs. Leeann Bailey. Intervention groups are small instruction groups of three to four students per group. Instruction consists of teaching the five essential literacy components: phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

If you have any questions regarding the dyslexia therapy program in grades seven through twelve at Greenwood Public Schools, please contact Leeann Bailey at leeann.bailey@greenwoodk12.com or call 479-996-4141.