school board members gallery

Greenwood Public Schools joins districts across the state to celebrate School Board Member Recognition Month in January. Our board members assume an essential role in representing our students and advocating for public education.  We are very proud of our members, and Arkansas School Board Recognition Month is a great time to recognize them and celebrate their accomplishments. Our dedicated Board members share a common goal to provide a positive learning environment for our children. With attention and consideration, our Board members spend many hours focusing on the well-being of each student. Our Board members continually rise to the occasion in their challenging duties with extraordinary dedication.  During this month of appreciation, join us in thanking our school board members who provide wholehearted support for our students, teachers, support staff, and administrators.  We thank them for their dedication and commitment to our District.

 · Dr. Brad Johnson, President
 · Mr. Todd Hales, Vice President
 · Mr. Cliff James, Secretary
 · Mr. Greg Hasley 
· Dr. Kelli Henning
 · Mrs. Stephanie Griffith
 · Mrs. Elysa Turner