4 photos in front of glass of Freshman Center

"Our school is a family built on generations of tradition and pride. Our administration team works hard each day to lead us into a prosperous future while keeping alive the spirit of previous Bulldogs who worked so hard to get us here.
Our administrators extend far beyond a face in the hallway, a voice on the intercom, or a name on an email. The administration team at GHS is a group of leaders who genuinely care about us students and pour their time and effort into helping us develop into better individuals. Our principals are FOR US. They care about our individual success and also our success as a school. You cannot avoid them; they are always there to support you. Any sporting event, band concert, choir performance… They are the loudest voices there cheering you on. To have a support system that extends beyond just the classroom is so encouraging, and it makes all the difference."
Anna Forbus, GHS 10th Grade

"I can always count on Mrs. Maxwell to support our 9th grade students and show them that she loves them, no matter their interests. If I have any concerns about a student, I know I can go to Mr. Meyers and Mr. Sandifer and they will listen and take action to improve the situation. One day, Mr. Sandifer said he wanted this campus to encapsulate a "culture of compassion," and that has really stuck with me."
Ms. Megan Neal, GFC-Spanish Teacher

"The closeness of our admin team and staff is different from other schools. Teachers know that their team is encouraging and supportive in and out of the classroom."
Mrs. Katie Holland, GHS-Teacher

"I can always count on each administrator to maintain a professional demeanor. I feel that each of them are approachable and willing to help. They make it a point to be PRESENT in the hallways of our school daily and speak to the students and teachers…that means so much to all of us."
Mrs. Katie Allspach, GHS-English Teacher

"The GHS/GFC leaders value staff members and the expertise they bring to the table.  They understand how demanding the job of teaching can be.  They are active listeners who care about staff members on both a professional and personal level."
Mrs. JoAnn King, GHS-Science Teacher

"I absolutely love how our principals are our “hype people”. They all have a passion for what they do and it shows in every aspect of their day."
Mrs. Jennifer Golden, GHS - Teacher and Volleyball Coach

"Our admin team is unique because they make GHS feel like a family. The admin join in on all the fun and show up to all our events. I always know that if I’m doing something related to GHS, I will see a familiar face reminding me how much they care. I can tell that our admin genuinely enjoy their job and love every single student. They always know everyone’s name and they never forget to say hi when they see you."
Ava Thomas, GHS Senior

"Thank you for being by our side and your willingness to set an example of servant leadership."
Mrs. Crystal Sexton, GFC - Teacher