2 teachers in front of Westwood school

"Mrs. Gill and Mr. Shumate are special because they are nice, caring, and they keep us safe." - Grayson Lucas, 4th

"They are nice, and they help us a lot and we can go to their office for help if needed. I just think they are special because they are good principals to me and they let us get gift cards if we do good. "
 -Emilynn Muchmore, 4th  

"They are really special because they care for this school, they keep the school organized, and also they help make school amazing."
-Addison Clark, 4th 

"I think that we should celebrate our principals because they do a lot for us and they let us do a lot of fun things." -Kylee Farnam, 4th 

They are special because of their loving heart. -Isaac Pearcy, 4th

Mrs. Gill and Mr. Shumate are special because they take care of the school and of the students that are in it. - Kallie Davis, 4th 

They make sure we do the right thing every day, and they go to leadership. - Marigold Scraper, 4th  

"Mrs. Gill and Mr. Shumate are actively involved in every aspect of each day. They handle each difficult situation with such grace and selflessness. Their kindness and dedication to the teachers, students, and staff of Westwood does not go unnoticed- thank you again!" 
-Megan Bruso WW Kindergarten

"Mrs. Gill and Mr. Shumate are a dynamic team keeping it REAL at Westwood!  They complement each other's leadership style to support teachers and students in a multitude of ways.  Their combined efforts to ignite excitement and encourage comradery through academic and personal avenues are not going unnoticed - the fire of enthusiasm is spreading!" -Julie Beck, 2nd Grade-WW

"Mrs. Gill & Mr. Shumate are a "dynamic duo!" They are actively involved across the campus and are the first to lend a helping hand when they see the need. Their passion for kids and education is unmatched, and we are blessed with the best!" 
- Brittany Shook, 1st Grade WW