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"Great leaders don't tell you how it is done, they show you how to do it. That's what Mrs. Long does. She is in our classroom, getting involved with the kids and helping whenever needed. She has made me become a better teacher through her leadership."
-Coti Brown

"Mrs. Long has a knack for young children. She taught me everything I needed to know about how to talk and interact with the little people. She treats them with respect and caring. I am grateful to have a mentor, boss, and friend in Mrs. Long. One thing I have never forgotten that she told me when I first began is that the 4 year olds that come into our program have been on this earth a little over 48 months… that is not very long to expect so much from them and that is why we teach them."
-Carin Phelps

"Great leaders don't just tell you what to do, they show you what to do. Mrs. Long perfectly fits this description. She is always there for us and is not afraid to jump into our classrooms and get her hands dirty. Whether it is helping manage behaviors or participating in science experiments, she is on the front lines. She treats each of her teaching staff with kindness and respect, and she truly cares about each person who is a part of our preschool family. She is a great leader and an even better friend. We are lucky to have her here at Greenwood Preschool Center."
-Chelsea Peugh

"I appreciate the ways Mrs. Long inspires, motivates, and encourages us to do our best! When we need help she is always there for us!"
-Niketa Stinchcomb

"Mrs. Long is our number one fan, hero, and advocate for preschool children, staff & parents.
She goes out of her way to support teachers and to do whatever is needed to keep our preschool the best of the best!"
-Kristi Odell

"Mrs. Long is always there for her Pre-K staff. She supports us and helps when needed, she encourages us, and she helps create a wonderful work environment. She shows kindness and love to her staff and students and we appreciate her for all she does for us."

-Sara Curtis